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Boom Watch Me


A new watch is at the top of my holiday wish list this year! My friend has the big one below from Stock Watches out of Australia and it is amazing. She gets a million compliments on it every day.

 photo LGN watches 3.jpg
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I can’t decide if I want rose gold or yellow gold accents or a leather or a metal mesh strap. I do know that I’m most drawn to a big, white face.

 photo LGN watches 1.jpg
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 photo LGN watches 2.jpg
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This beauty from Void Watches with its natural leather flat strap, is absolutely singing my name! I love the clean white face and the brass details! 

 photo Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.34.55 PM.png

Have you seen any great watches around lately? I have a vintage Timex that I still love, but it’s starting to look a little shabby after me wearing it to death for years and years. :) 
What did you think?
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8 thoughts on “Boom Watch Me

  1. I would caution on the natural leather, or rather be prepared for it not to age as you might like. It is super gorgeous but my husband has an old watch that has a similar leather. It ages nicely on bags and luggage (like the original LV) but with all the sweat and hand-washing (realities of life) the leather on a watch band looks very… well aged. Lots of splashes, stains, etc. I have a couple DW, Timex and a few other less expensive ones (I'm really terrible with getting my batteries changed so none of them work right now!) but I like that Uniform Wares one – really unique. I don't know if you've looked at Kate Spade. I know they're terribly popular but I've found they actually do last quite a long time for a less expensive watch. I will say I generally like numbers on my faces just because I find myself squinting to tell the time otherwise, but that's just me!

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