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Getting Personal This Holiday Season


I want to simplify my gift-giving for the holidays this year. I’m planning to give less things, but to put more thought into the gifts. I think the key to pulling this off and making any great gift really special is personalization. Showing your loved one that you put in just a little extra effort goes so far!

 photo IMG_3688 1.jpg

There are a few personalized gifts that I made using Shutterfly this month that I’m SO excited to give, like this framed canvas that I made from my daughter Claire’s artwork. I like to do little art classes with my girls and I was proud of how Claire tackled the brushwork and the light/shadows with this one. I thought the original smaller painting was frame-worthy for sure, but I loved the idea of it being printed much, much bigger! So I scanned it in and uploaded in to the Shutterfly site. The print quality of the canvas is amazing and I love the modern white floating frame!

 photo IMG_3719.jpg

I hung it in her room for these photos, but now it’s wrapped and back in my not-so-top-secret present hiding space (aka my closet) and I can’t wait to see Claire’s face on Christmas morning! She’ll be so excited and I think this is something she’ll always love to have, especially as she grows older. :)

 photo IMG_3715.jpg
As a little Thanksgiving gift last week, I brought my mom this personalized candle. Shutterfly lets you upload your own photos or if you don’t have the ideal image, you can check out their awesome Art Library, which is full of hundreds of great images for you to use to personalize your gifts. 
 photo IMG_3951.jpg

This summer we rented a big cabin in the mountains for a family reunion and we took this great photo of all the grandkids wearing their reunion shirts there. I love it and I know my mom does too! It was perfect to put on her candle.
 photo IMG_3976.jpg
They have a couple of awesome scents in the candles – I went with Grapefruit Blossom for my mom’s. Not very Thanksgiving-related, but it smells amazing! :)
 photo IMG_3982.jpg
Speaking of kids and Shutterfly’s Art Library, I also got a set of these personalized melamine plates for the girls. Isn’t the kitty illustration adorable?

 photo IMG_4046.jpg

 photo IMG_4030.jpg

Another present we’ll be giving to the girls is sort of a group gift. Michael and I both upgraded our iPhones this year, so we have an extra iPhone 5 or two laying around and we’ve decided to use one of them as a family phone for the girls to use when they’re at playdates or at sports practices. Isn’t this personalized case adorable? I know my color-loving girls are going to love the case (I found this pattern in Shutterfly’s Art Library too!) and I’m hoping having our name printed on the back will help it to not get lost at the dance studio! :)
 photo IMG_3900.jpg
I also love to have a few unique gifts on hand to give to friends and neighbors for the New Year. We live in Mesa, Arizona, which has a TON of cool vintage neon signs from the 50s and 60s. I gathered up a few photos of the signs that I’ve taken, and I had this super easy to make calendar printed up to give to my friends that love Mesa the same way that I do.

 photo IMG_3892.jpg

 photo IMG_3844.jpg

I love this clean, modern theme that uses pretty fonts and crops your images into a circle. I’m thinking once 2016 is over, I’d love to frame all of these high-quality prints for a gallery wall series!
 photo IMG_3876.jpg
 photo IMG_3889.jpg
Another personalized gift I made with Shutterfly this year was this cute journal for my sister, Heather. She is an amazing writer and fills up journals quickly. It’s become sort of a tradition for me to give her a new journal for every gift-giving holiday. 

 photo IMG_3820.jpg

I uploaded some of her Instagram snaps for the cover and I love how it turned out! Again, amazing print quality and so easy to execute!

 photo IMG_3811.jpg

 photo IMG_3818.jpg

I hope she loves it as much as I do! (Heather, do me a favor and act surprised on Christmas, m’kay?)
 photo IMG_3827.jpg

What personalized gifts are you giving this year? I can’t wait to see Claire’s face when she opens up her painting present! :)

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0 thoughts on “Getting Personal This Holiday Season

  1. Lovely ideas. I'm so appreciative of your blog-it's a nicer day whenever I can read a new post! In the 5th photo, can you tell me where you purchased the little geometric vase? It's totally adorable…

  2. great ideas! you've been busy! I hope you do come to Portland in Jan. I'd love to see your take on my corner of the globe. ;)

  3. I love the canvas idea! My mom has come to expect a calendar with pictures of her granddaughter every year. It's so fun to make and I love seeing her enjoy it throughout the year.

  4. I'm amazed by your daughter's art! I thought you were going to show it below and that was a piece of art you had bought in the top picture. I love it! She could totally sell prints of that. :)

  5. Umm can I order that calendar from you? What a great idea. Love all the vintage motels down Main Street. And your daughter's painting is gorgeous!!! What a little artist:)

  6. I love your daughter's artwork. The vibrant colors and graphic lines look great blown up! Curious to know what resolution you scanned the image at to get it to print at such high quality? I'd love to do something similar in my home

  7. Hi Nora! The vase is from Anthropologie. Hope that helps! Not sure if they still have it…

    Catherine – this floater frame is also from Shutterfly. On the design your own canvas page, there is an option to add a frame. I love the simplicity of this white one! :)

    Thanks, Camille! I was happy with how the print turned out too! I scanned in her painting at 300 dpi, I think? The higher, the better, I think! Best of luck with your project!


  8. Great ideas! I love personal gifts — soooooo over the cliche "here have a sweater" type of gift. Love these!

  9. That artwork is the ish!! Love it. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to add a floating frame to a canvas on shutterfly. Am I missing something?

    Also, that geometric vase is amazing.

  10. My Mom lives in Mesa and my brother lived there for awhile (he works in animation at Disney now in California). I would love to get them a copy of your Mesa Motel calendar. Any chance you'd have copies for sale???

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