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Gifting Vintage This Year


I love getting and giving vintage and antique gifts! Don’t these pieces feel a little more special to you, too? Like they already have a soul. :)

 photo MR9.jpg
I love having these special gifts scattered around the house. They’re little reminders of the holidays, vacations and people that I love the most! Michael gave me the large Italian floor mirror for Christmas a couple of years ago and it was such a surprise. I LOVE it.
 photo IMG_0313.jpg
My mom gave me this Russian silver filagree bowl a few years ago and we use it for holding guitar picks on the piano. It’s so delicate and such a unique piece.
 photo IMG_3581.jpg

 photo IMG_3487.jpg

I have a couple of really special pottery pieces that I love to keep out too. 
 photo LR25.jpg
 photo IMG_0743.jpg
My family has helped me grow my art glass paper weight collection over the years too. My great grandma collected these and they always remind me of her. 
 photo 2DSC_0004.jpg
 photo DSC_0008.jpg
This little antique wooden obelisque was a gift from a dear friend, just because. Isn’t it pretty? I love having it out on the cerused secretary.
 photo Jenny 12 1.jpg
 photo Jenny 13.jpg
Are you a Chairish shopper like I am? I use their app and website all the time for client work especially (I’ve been scouring it for this client!). It’s such an easy way to find well-curated items at really fair prices. 
 photo download.png
My friends at Chairish invited me to curate a list of my favorite items (most are under $200!) that would be great for the gift-giving season. Check out my (huge) list here! I would love to get any of these for Christmas. (Hint-hint, Michael!)
 photo chairish lgn 1.jpg
 photo chairish lgn 3.jpg
 photo chairish lgn 4.jpg
 photo chairish lgn 2.jpg
This post was a collaboration with Chairish! Download their amazing app here to make it even easier to buy and sell amazing vintage finds.
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12 thoughts on “Gifting Vintage This Year

  1. I love getting vintage items for christmas. Some of my favorite pieces are when I have received Jadeite mixing bowls from my grandmother.


  2. Great post Jenny. You have great taste, love all you picks especially the art! I love getting vintage gifts as well, once my father-in-law gave me his old first aid box. Now it hangs proudly in our home.

  3. Vintage items give a home such character! When everything is new, a home feels a little sterile.

    Can you help us/me figure out how to display these kinds of things without ending up with a cluttered look?

  4. I would love to hear about where you got the bust on the piano and the plant that's growing in it. I just love that vista when you walk in the front door and look to the left.

  5. I loved the way you put the guitars and have the picks at hand! My husband is already on his 3rd guitar. I think I will copy the idea for when we have more space as to do something like that. Thanks for the idea!

    I also like having vintage gifts around the house. I have a dresser that was my great parent's. It kind of reminds me of where I come from.

    SJ +

  6. Jenny, I have looked and looked but cannot find a link to your unique door mouldings. The little extra piece at the top is so unique and pretty . . . how can I recreate this?

  7. I once give a vintage gift to my grandmother and it was a bowl actually. And she really is happy about it. So based on that, I could say that old people would appreciate having this vintage gift.

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