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Mini DIYs: Toy Animal Hooks and Agate Drawer Pulls (and a Give Away!!)


Have you guys heard of Sugru before? It is a moldable glue that sticks to pretty much anything and cures just by exposing it to the air! It’s as easy to use as playdough or air-dry clay before it curies, and turns into flexible rubber overnight.

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It’s a DIYer’s dream because you can fix, make or improve basically anything with Sugru. They have just launched two new kits that make home hacks easy and fun. The Sugru Starter Kit comes with a mini-booklet of ten cool home hacks, along with five packs of Sugru in a cute little tin. (a cute gift idea!)

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The Sugru Kit Guide, comes with five packs of Sugru, the same mini-booklet and tin, plus all the accessories you need to complete the ten hacks!

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I tried a few of the projects from their guide around our house over the weekend. I made some little hooks for Evie’s room using Sugru to attach plastic toy animals to the side of her bookshelf.

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It’s so easy to do – you just put a good-sized ball of Sugru on the toy animal feet and press them firmly on to the surface you want to attach them, and then just tape the toy in place on the wall while the Sugru cures overnight. 
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Super cute, right? Evie was ALL about them!
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I loved this idea from the Kit to make hooks with Sugru in my kitchen by my range to hold my phone so I can listen to music or podcasts and reference online recipes while I cook without getting my phone dirty. Sugru bonds great to brick and ceramics, so you won’t need a drill!
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I love that you can repair broken low-voltage USB charger cords (under 24 volts) with Sugru! We had quite a few of these that needed to be fixed. :) 
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 photo 15.jpg
You can do it a little thinner than I did, but I liked the idea of building in a little handle to pull making it easier to use.
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Probably my favorite Sugru project that we tried was making these one-of-a-kind pulls using screws and agate slices.
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The trick is to find screws with a flat top and a nut for tightening on the back of your drawer and use Sugru to attach them to the agate slices. Sugru is great for sticking to awkward surfaces, like these super glossy pieces of polished stone!
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Claire was really loving these pulls so I’m thinking these new pulls might have to make their way to her nightstands! 
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There are a million ways to use this cool product! And great news – Sugru is giving away Sugru Kits to four readers today! And one of those winners will also get a $100 Amazon voucher. Just check out the Sugru site and pick your favorite project and leave a comment here. (Open to readers world-wide!). The winners will emailed next week. Good luck!

And thank you to Sugru for sponsoring this post!

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479 thoughts on “Mini DIYs: Toy Animal Hooks and Agate Drawer Pulls (and a Give Away!!)

  1. Sugru is so cool! I would love to use it to "defy gravity" and attach magnets to the underside of shelves to increase their functionality in my greenhouse. There are so, so many possibilities for using Sugru to repair things. I would love to win this contest!! Thanks.

  2. I just love the whole story and concept of fixing things! I read the history of sugru and what an amazing story! I love the magnetic holders thingies! Just brilliant!

  3. All of these projects are great! I think I could do them all, but first on the list would definitely be fixing all of our crappy cables (chargers). What a fantastic product!

  4. Whoah I've been a big fan of Sugru for years! Its so great its getting more and more attention. I've used it for repairing all kinds of things, but it never occurred to me to use it to just stick stuff together with. Genius!

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