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Why Don’t You…Ceruse – a follow up!


Happy Thanksgiving! What do you have going on this week? We’re up at my parents house for the next couple of days, but when we get back I have some big, productive plans! Black Friday is less about shopping for me and more about project time! It’s so nice to have a chunk of uninterrupted time at home, when the emails aren’t coming fast and furious and the pace feels a little slower. I did this cerusing project for Domino over a holiday weekend and it’s still one of my favorite pieces in the house!

 photo Jenny 9 1.jpg

(photos by my friend, Sarah Webb – who has the CUTEST loungewear line here!)
I love to really research a project as much as possible before tackling it. Before I started the cerusing on the secretary piece, I looked around for limed furniture inspiration and it was actually sort of hard to find! There isn’t much about cerusing out there – and even fewer images with tagged info on the cerusing. After some digging, here are my most favorite cerused images and links from around the web…

Stunning, right? It’s such a graphic yet organic look! If you want to try cerusing yourself, remember that the piece has to be solid oak, and the more pronounced the grain, the better! It’s super easy to find affordable oak pieces at thrift stores and on Craigslist. I just did a quick search on the Phoenix CL and found a dozen great options!
 photo LGN OAK.jpg
The full tutorial for cerusing is on the original post, but here’s a list of the materials you’ll need:
Happy cerusing, friends! Please email me photos if you give it a try yourself! I’d love to see. AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! xo
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jenny! I wasn't familiar with liming until Joslyn at Simple Lovely limed the paneling in her mid-century modern home. And I had never heard of cerusing until you posted your blue secretary… really stunning! Thanks for sharing tips! :)

  2. there is another product i have been using to great effect. the amy howard line of paint & decorative finishes. i water down the paint a bit to give me a base like you have shown and add her liming wax, viola! that's it

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