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Room Vibes : Saffron

I have a thing for yellow. Could there be a happier color? This pretty shade of yellow, which is a bright version of mustard, more like a saffron – is a recent favorite of mine. It’s the perfect accent color!
 photo 7da46e7e16b6ceb78437ba81b82b985e.jpg
 photo 580f53e8cbdebb59a8ba3e5747e9f255.jpg

 photo 18d55249dea2effe744c075e8dff9ee3.jpg

 photo ffe90428b2c90f68dda2e090f3cee664.jpg
 photo 9c90430f4f52d7552dd7a35c7d900811.jpg
 photo 97c4b272dfdfb8b146f7969cbf36a31e.jpg
 photo 9b881fb42df7c7ec2a5782e67d6091dd.jpg
 photo c6f8203e165a0eadcc479491998ddc40.jpg
 photo 0036f697d16c36dd0f83d52412d954fa.jpg
 photo 0dd29c13dc6e3f11b2d10447ab6cfefb.jpg
 photo c651a56942a18c9bc6a8cc939d2cb0e1.jpg
 photo ff86f2c05dd274ed0e2c5bfd49ace4bf.jpg
 photo f8d650c2320d22b4bcf8973e19f3bdd5.jpg
 photo blue-mustard-interior.jpg
The colors that I’m drawn to in interiors usually trickle down to the gifts I give, or the clothes I want to wear. Does this happen to you, too? Here are a few of my saffron favorites…
Alice + Ames Mustard Ballet Dress -A local company here in Arizona, I bought this for Evie a couple weeks ago and it’s safe to say she’s obsessed with her new dress (and so am I!). 
Nike Textile Sneaker – I love trainers in unexpected colors and patterns!
Hip Hip Hooray! Card – Sweetest little card. 
Skyline Chair – You know I love my yellow slipper chair, but isn’t this cute?!  
Chiffon Shift Dress – Perfect for parties this season.
Poppin Starter Set – We could all use an extra dose of happy color at work, right? 
What did you think?
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14 thoughts on “Room Vibes : Saffron

  1. I agree…yellow is the happiest color. I love them all from the butters to the saffrons, and all of the metallic golds. That bright yellow window frame…wow, fabulous!

  2. Love yellow!! And love this post. Could you update with a link to the adult-sized yellow dress? I'm interested!

  3. Yes! Me too. It is just sneaking itself into my decor and my wardrobe! These examples are quite sophisticated – I tend to go just a little more casual. But I still enjoy it all!

  4. I'm with you on the yellow. I never used to wear yellow, and then a few years ago, I found this cute embroidered yellow top. I have never gotten as many complements on anything I've worn as I do on that yellow top! I'm a convert! :-)

  5. Who knew yellow could be SO cool! And, I am in love with the rugs in front of the high gloss yellow door foyer picture!

  6. I have a thing for Yellow too, especially since I purchased my Yellow mellow sofa. It is looking great in my interior and I am loving it.
    thank you for the wonderful pics.

  7. Those all look awesome, but you know what? I can't handle yellow in my house! I bought a cool grey and yellow rug a couple of years ago and I had to sell it after a few months because no matter how much I liked the pattern, the colors just jarred me every time I saw the rug! (100x a day…)

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