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LGN Hashtags!

Greetings from NYC! Michael and I both have work events/projects here and we thought it would be fun to come back with the kids for a couple of weeks. We got here on Monday and have been going non-stop since with meetings and play dates with old friends. Lots of productive fun! It’s turning out to be pretty much the perfect vacation for us, though we have plans to try and slow down a bit while we’re here and do some life evaluating. (**dramatic music!!**)
The past few months especially have been good, but completely, completely nuts. We spent a ton of time doing some filming for a fun project and of course we had quite a few big design installs out of state and locally. I also got to help put on girls camp for my church and not to mention Heather’s wedding reception at our house! I’m getting winded just writing out this list. :) The craziest part of the summer is over at this point though and we’re starting to get some of the photos back from the installs and the wedding, which is pretty much the best cherry on top and makes it all worth it. It’s like going through labor and while you’re in the middle of it, you’re like, WHAT HAVE I DONE. NEVER AGAIN. And then as soon as the baby is in your arms, you’re like, hey, that wasn’t so bad! I’m a freaking champion. Let’s do it again! (j/k about that last part – too soon)
All that to say, I’m proud of the work we’ve done the past few months and I can’t wait to share. In the meantime, there are a few sneak peaks on my Instagram!
Speaking of Instagram, I think it’s HIGH TIME that we have a couple of LGN hashtags!!
#heyLGN – pretty self explanatory- I just want to see your pretty photos! I’ll be reposting and doing mini round ups here on the blog. So if you have a post or see a post that feels like something we all would love, hashtag that baby!
#LGNprojects – I want to see your DIY! I get to see a few when people tag me, but sometimes that gets lost in the mix and I want the chance to see and share these projects!
You can also shoot me an email with photos. I’m hoping to do a few round ups a month with some awesome reader projects. Hello at littlegreennotebook dot com.
Sending all sorts of virtual hugs and high fives to you all. Thanks for sticking with me through all the craziness! xo
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4 thoughts on “LGN Hashtags!

  1. As much as I miss seeing your more frequent posts, I’m glad you’re out enjoying your beautiful life, even the overwhelming parts (which as you say are always some of the best times in the end). I’ll always be a loyal reader whether you post once a month or every day! All your past projects keep me busy digging through them for inspiration and diys now that I have a house to decorate. Anyway, just wanted to say enjoy your summer Jenny!

    1. Thank you Sarah!! Sometimes I feel like I’m letting readers down when I can’t post four or five times a week. I love seeing notes like yours though! Thanks for the love and support!! xoxoxo

  2. A big shout out from Thessaloniki, Greece!!! I LOVE your posts, I love your style. I think you are exceptionally talented and I keep checking out the lgn blog every day.
    Enjoy summer!

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