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Changes in the Powder Bath!


This post is brought to you by Behr Marquee, Behr’s most advanced paint. Change can be this beautiful, and this easy.

Jenny Bathroom-40

Jenny Bathroom-38

Can you believe it’s already been two years since I painted the guest bathroom olive green? I still love that color, but you guys know me by now. I start to get antsy for changes before too long, and when my sister’s wedding reception was just around the corner, I decided to not fight the impulse to paint again (resistance is futile anyway). This time I went in a completely different direction with crazy abstract wallpaper and the most gorgeous shade of navy on the millwork!

Jenny Bathroom-24

Jenny Bathroom-42

We’re all loving the changes! It feels like a completely different room. One of my girls even asked if she could turn the tub into a bed and make this her bedroom. :)

Jenny Bathroom-18

When it came to choosing a specific color for our bathroom walls, my starting point was this gorgeous wallpaper from Eskayel.

Jenny Bathroom-19

I wanted a paint color for the wainscotting that really worked well with the wallpaper, but that could also stand on it’s own. As I’m sure many of you know, navy is a REALLY tricky paint color to get right. It seems like most shades are either way too purple, or too bright, or not saturated enough.

Jenny Bathroom-64

I grabbed a handful of samples from the BEHR Marquee line at Home Depot. I have used the Marquee colors and paint a million times and the colors are SO well-curated. There are still plenty of shades to choose from, but the process of standing there and choosing your paint swatches is actually enjoyable and not at all overwhelming like with other paint lines! You can rest assured that each of the colors are tried and true and are going to be beautiful on your walls.


I landed on these three navy swatches and picked up three sample pots, which is such an important part of the process! (Also – I LOVE that Marquee sample pots come in different sheens! I got my samples in a semi-gloss finish, which can really look different from a flat paint.)

Jenny Bathroom-65

Ball Gown  //  Opera Glasses  //  Compass Blue

At first I was leaning toward Ball Gown, a really muddy, warm navy that felt unique and interesting to me. But after we hung the wallpaper and painted the samples on the wainscotting, Opera Glasses immediately jumped out as the winner! I just can’t get enough of that dramatic, moody greeny-blue!


Opera Glasses  //  Compass Blue  // Ball Gown

There are three things about the Marquee collection that keep me coming back for more – the great colors, the convenience (they can be mixing me a gallon while I tackle the other items on my Home Depot list and hit up the house plants section), and the one-coat coverage. It’s a super high-quality paint that sprays, rolls and brushes on like a dream. Before we hung the wallpaper and started painting, I did some prep by skim coating the walls with drywall mud and giving the wainscotting a really good sanding, which we neglected to do before painting the olive color. We finished this room literally hours before the Domino shoot and the rush job really showed! But it was nothing a little elbow grease couldn’t fix. I smoothed out the inconsistencies in the drywall and sanded down most of the bumpiness in the millwork and now it looks so much better!




I’ve been using a new roller lately that I’m LOVING. It’s 6″ wide, so right in between a 4″ foam roller (which sometimes leaves air bubbles and roller lines :/) and a full-sized 9″ wall roller. I always pay the extra buck or two for the highest quality rollers and I think it really makes a big difference in the ultimate paint finish and helps reduce shedding.


I used my favorite paint brush to cut in and do all the detail work. I love that the Marquee paint self-levels so nicely! The semi-gloss finish is really lovely.

Jenny Bathroom-36

Jenny Bathroom-46

Jenny Bathroom-211

I think the Opera Glasses color pairs so, so well with the brass, marble and wood accents in our bathroom. And I also really love how it looks next to the black tub and door. Black and navy will always be one of my favorite combos.

Jenny Bathroom-40

Jenny Bathroom-44

Jenny Bathroom-57

Jenny Bathroom-60

Jenny Bathroom-49

Jenny Bathroom-25

Jenny Bathroom-14

Jenny Bathroom-55

I really love these changes! The whole room feels so fresh and pretty to me now. I still loved the before, but I’m so excited about the after!


Jenny Bathroom-37

Jenny Bathroom-5

What do you think of the new walls? Would you have gone with Opera Glasses too? My friend came over to weigh in and she was really drawn to the Compass Blue color. It was a tough choice – they’re all so pretty! :)

Photos by Tiffany Haynes.

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140 thoughts on “Changes in the Powder Bath!

  1. So inspirational and beautiful. Would you give some advice about picking wallpaper? I’m redoing my bathroom also, and am overwhelmed. Looking for a Eastern block print pattern. Enjoy your post very much!

    1. Hi Ryal!

      I think it’s really important to see a lot of images of rooms that use the paper so you can get a sense of how the pattern feels in a room, and then of course, always get a physical sample so you can see the real colors. Other than that, just go for what you really really love. Wallpaper is a big commitment! :)

  2. sighhhhhh its beautiful. I want you to decorate my house I just adore your beautiful, playful yet elegant style.

  3. Love the makeover! So beautiful. The small engraved box over the sink is so cute. Would you mind sharing where you got it from? Thanks.

  4. I opened my email this morning and thought, “this is the most beautiful bathroom I’ve ever seen!”. I look at so many interior magazines, websites, etc. and this room really stand out- you are so gifted!!

  5. Okay, first things first…I’m in love. Absolutely stunning! And I have a weird question…can you tell me about your toilet? ;) We’re about to remodel and I want a skirted toilet. Wondering what brand this one is and if you’re happy with the flush, how was installation…? I read something about difficult installation and poor flushing, but I can tell it’s a different brand than yours. Thank you so much!!

  6. Love love love! So beautiful and I, too, love a great blue/green with brass.

    What I would love to know is where the bathroom sink is from? Just lovely!!!

  7. That bathroom is STUNNING!! I love everything about it! Your light fixtures have really got me thinking about a few little updates to my bathroom!

  8. I love those grid-like photo prints you have in there. Are those prints of Instagrams? Can you share how you did it?

  9. This took my breath away. Absolutely gorgeous. We painted, changed out lighting and mirrors, hung art and added special pieces. They still aren’t as amazing as this. Beyond.

  10. Your bathroom looks beautiful. I love the combination of the paint and the lovely wallpaper. Can you tell me the source of your chandelier?

    1. Hi Beth,

      I designed the sink and had it made here locally. It IS hard to find good sink consoles that don’t cost a million dollars! I’ve use Restoration Hardware and Signature Hardware a few times too and they have some decent options! Good luck!

  11. This is simply beautiful and you are so talented! The sink console is definitely one of a kind. Thank you for sharing your wallpaper source. I hope to use it in my next project.

    1. Hi Jacqueline, I designed the sconces and had them made in NYC, but my friends at Lucent lightshop can make them for sure!

      Hope that helps!

  12. Love the wallpaper, and am wondering if you have any recommendations on similar more budget friendly options?

    1. Hi Beth,

      Wallpaper in general is pretty pricey – that’s why I chose to only hang it above the chair rail in here. Eskayel prints panels as well as rolls, so I was able to save quite a bit by buying panels that were only a couple of inches longer than I needed – a HUGE reduction in waste! And bonus, they were much easier to hang.

      This sort of ethereal watercolor look is pretty new, so I don’t know of anything similar yet. I did a post on using marbled wrapping paper on walls. It’s not the same look and it might end up being just as pricey in the end, but might be worth looking in to?

      Good luck!

  13. Jenny,
    In your expert DIY opinion, would you ever consider installing wainscotting similar to what you have here directly on top of existing tile? I am itching to install wood paneling of some sort but don’t want to deal with the tile. I feel like it could work with liquid nails?

    Also- any concern for the wallpaper, adhesion due to general bathroom dampness?

    Thanks- this room has entered my pinboard as well as my dreams

  14. I saw your bathroom featured on the Behr Facebook page, and was drawn to your site by the stunning blue/navy color you chose. Absolutely beautiful bathroom – ALL of it is just stunning! Would you mind sharing the type of flooring it is and the source? Thank you!

  15. I love it too! Beautiful paper and gorgeous color.
    I am curious why you choose not to paint the door in the blue as well? I was thinking the door and maybe moulding might look good painted blue. Just a thought and would be interested in your professional insight.

  16. What a stunning result! I’d love to try a similar design for the upstairs bath in our new fixer upper but am afraid the room is too small for it. Can I ask the dimensions of your bathroom? Thanks for continuing to share your inspiring work!

  17. So….you’re pretty much amazing – this is beyond the beyond! I feel like the question has been asked before, but couldn’t find the answer. Can tell me more about the tile? Know you said it was from a closeout store, but any manufacturer info? I’m looking for marble, but something a little different and love the way this reads. Thanks!!!

  18. Hello!

    Would you mind sharing with me where your flooring is from. I think its beautiful and would look great in a space I am designing. Thank you!

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