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Juniper Studio: The Shop Great Room and Kitchen


About a year ago, I got a new client submission form from a really cool couple in NYC who were building two cabin structures on their family property near Hood River, Oregon. Not only were they amazingly flexible and trusting from the get-go, their beautiful property is about an hour drive from Portland (one of my favorite cities), on one of the prettiest stretches of road known to man, so… yeah. Taking this family on as a client was a no-brainer! I knew the results were going to pretty, but the install this summer was even better than I imagined. Everything came together beautifully!




We started working with this family after the structures had been framed, but before any of the finishes had been selected. It was fun to get creative and figure out how to maximize their budget and get that modern cabin feel.



I feel like both structures are the perfect size for a vacation home – every room has a purpose and it all feels so cozy! There is a master bedroom and bath in each structure as well as a bunk room and then a great room with a kitchen, living and dining area. The photos I’m sharing here today are a few rooms in the structure we were calling the Shop because it has a large garage attached to it.



The master bedroom in the Shop is behind the barn door under the cantilevered stairs. It’s not a huge bedroom, but it’s big enough for a queen bed and a long dresser and TV on the other side of the room.



The mustard yellow linen duvet cover was a West Elm purchase a few months back (similar to this one). I love how it looks with the vintage rug and our client’s gorgeous painting with that splash of blue!

The stairs were our own design and I love how they turned out! I like how they’re light and airy and substantial at the same time.


And how about that AMAZING black chesterfield sofa?! We had it custom made out of the most gorgeous, buttery black leather. It’s a full 10 feet long and is like sitting on a cloud. It took a long time for that sofa to finally come in, but we all agreed it was worth the wait in the end! I think it looks especially great paired with the camel leather saddle chair and the wooden slatted bench.


We selected a reclaimed wood mantle and I worked with an amazing local photographer on the art print.

The reclaimed wood dining table is one of my favorite pieces. It doubles as a kitchen island! We designed it and had it made by a local furniture maker.

The schoolhouse chairs were a vintage find and the bench is an antique courthouse pew from a local antiques dealer. All the beautiful oil paintings belong to the client.



We selected a great olive green color for the kitchen cabinets (Benjamin Moore’s Tate Olive) and I love how it works with the polished concrete floors and the soft, warm gray wall color (French Canvas).


The countertops are soapstone and the shelving is reclaimed wood (the same wood used on the stair treads) with a Walnut and Early American mix on the stain.



I hope you love these spaces as much as we do! Here are a few other pieces that give off a similar modern cabin vibe:


red check throw blanket  //  buffalo print  //  black leather chesterfield sofa  //  schoolhouse chair  //  colorful kilim pillow  //  natural wood and metal slatted bench


black and white kilim pillow  //  brass vase  //  eiffel chairs  //  forest print  //  wood and marble box  //  striped jute rug  //  marble breadboard


brass task lamp  //  counter height table  //  navy saddle chair  //  yellow vase  //  striped tea towel  //  live edge coffee table  //  plaid pillow


PS Some additional sources!

Barn door hardware

Black pull-down faucet

Black stoneware

Turkish runner search

Modern ceiling fan

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69 thoughts on “Juniper Studio: The Shop Great Room and Kitchen

  1. The barn door hardware link just took me to the faucet. Would love to see sources. Also, can you tell us more about the polished concrete? Gorgeous work!

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I just made some wording changes for teichncal accuracy and added a link and a YouTube video to clarify how it works. (We are stuck with the whimsical New Scientist headline though.)

    2. Hello Do SmithI have been passed your contact details by Melissa Kidd. I am a marketeer, photographer and writer working on a social enterprise project that involves using QR codes to help small businesses. I am based in West Wales and am going to be in Bristol next Tuesday 24th May if that works?Thanks in advanceKirsty

    3. Hello there, just became alerted to your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  2. I’ve been a long-time reader and I’m such a huge fan of your work. This is amazing, Jenny! Nice job :)

  3. And my kitchen ideas for our barn are suddenly crystallised into reality! I was worried olive and black wouldn’t work but there it is and it’s wonderful! Now to find the paint in the UK… Thank you

  4. Obsessed with these pictures! You nailed every single space Jenny! Every detail is perfect, down to the plants/planters. I will forever wish you could come design my house. Your style never looks overdone but always personal and homey and intentional. Just gorgeous.

  5. Can you say who is the manufacture of the range. I’ve been looking for something like that. Thanks always look at your blog. Great ideas.

  6. oh man, this is just so gorgeous. Also, fits in so so well with the Hood River scenery and vibe. I have mega house envy!!

  7. love the warmth, and great mix of simplicity & character accomplished in these rooms … a question though … where’s the TV? are these folks non watchers? as one who is always trying to balance the esthetics versus the reality of wanting a TV in many spaces of our home, it would be great to see how a real designer manages the reality of the big black screen

    1. Charmaine – I’m finding lately that many clients are choosing to ditch their TVs altogether! A lot of them just watch on demand/netflix on their tablets. Some of them still want a bigger screen in their bedrooms for easy bedtime watching. :) This client decided at the last minute to add a TV to their bedroom but never wanted one in the great room.

      I’d second the idea of putting your TV in a gallery wall mix. I also like them put in an armoire. It’s nice to have them as hidden as possible. We have ours mounted on a black fireplace which helps the screen go away when it’s not on.

      1. Thanks Jenny, I do have a gallery set up in the family room and other tricks (dark, almost black walls in all the bedrooms). I’m just puzzled by how many photos I see on decor sites that do not address the TV. Though wall mounted, framed, ultra thin sets are such an improvement over those monstrous armoires or even worse built in wall units we all lived with before. I do know many people stream, and TV can be a deterrent to great conversation I tend to think a family all staring at their own devices does more to lessen family interaction than everyone watching
        something together. And … don’t want all our male guests piled in my bedroom during football season or March Madness!

  8. Simply beautiful!!!
    I would love to see a pic of the dining table in it’s role as ‘kitchen island’ too -such a clever idea… Design-wise each area works separately as a lovely, inviting vignette but it’s the space as a whole that charms my socks right off (which would be chilly on the concrete floor but that’s nothing a cozy pair of slippers couldn’t address ; ).
    (CC -they mentioned the tv was in the bedroom -which I’m guessing in this case is probably right where the client wanted it..? My favorite tv camouflaging technique is a gallery wall. You can see a nice version in Emily Henderson’s design of Joanna Goddard’s living room here:…)
    Back to the folks at Juniper Studio -thanks for sharing this wonderful project!

  9. Goodness Jenny you’ve outdone yourself! It’s absolutely GORGEOUS. I’m in love with this color palette too – the tan and black, the mustard yellow (my favorite color)…I could go on.

  10. so incredibly perfect Jenny. Always so special.

    Love the skinny metal coffee table in the great room … can you share that source?

  11. The stair rail is amazing! I love love love to see new designs for the stair rails and this does not disappoint!

  12. What a lovely space! I love the coat hooks in the hallway…can you share the source? Thanks!

  13. Wow, I love everything about this cabin. Its so cozy and yet minimal and modern at the same time. The perfect modern cabin vibe. I just love it all! Excellent work!

  14. Wow, it’s wonderful! Do they rent it out? ;) Those stairs and railings really take the cake for me. So well designed!

  15. The stairs! We are redoing our staircase in our mid-century modern home and this design would be so fab-interesting, yet classic! The whole place is inviting and well done!

  16. just beautiful! Do you mind sharing the material used for the plank wall in the kitchen? Is it wood or hardiplank?

  17. We live in a city row home and have a farmhouse table we keep against the wall unless we have company. Its very heavy, and I love this idea of putting it on casters. Questions- did you use locking casters? Is the caster base the size of the whole table leg? Thanks!

  18. This cabin is amazing…I grew up in Portland and we used to go sledding in Mt. Hood ~ so beautiful!!!

  19. I really appreciate how often you seem to incorporate local (to the project) artisans – be it woodworkers, photographers, seamstresses or the like. In this age of saving a penny or two and the mass retail market I really love how you support ethical, small business. Also it makes a space much more unique and “gathered.” I have missed seeing your transformations so this was definitely a treat! Beautiful space. Lively yet tranquil. I wouldn’t want to leave!

  20. Beautiful! We have a cabin down river from this one and I’ve been dying to see the inside. Thanks for the peek!

  21. Sooo great!! But i can’t stop thinking: where do they store their food stuff??? There are so few cabinets, i could fit only my pots, pans, cutlery and plates there….

  22. This might be one of my favourite rooms you’ve ever done! I think it all comes back to that sofa. And their artwork is amazing! Beautiful job.

  23. Hi Jenny! Can you share your impression of the quality of the kitchen faucet? Rarely do I see such reasonably-priced faucets used and was wondering if you felt this was a product was in it for the long haul…Thank you!

  24. I would love to see a rough sketch/blueprint of the shop. I know the actual floorplan is private, but any sort of sketch-up would be great. LOVE the aesthetic!

  25. We miss you Jenny! Know you’re super duper busy…
    How about a few pics of Linus to keep us going??! x

  26. I love the kitchen cabinets and the color contrasts! I am in the process of designing my apartment; I found this company called Furnishr, an all-in-one home furnishing company. Here is a link to people that are interested: Let me know what you think Jenny!

  27. I didn’t have time to read all the comments so I am wondering if there is a mud room as you first come in the front door? Or is it a half bath? You did not address that room as far as I could tell, I am just curious.
    Thank you

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