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Hi friends!! I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Jenny’s Print Shop is now live! We’re starting out with over 50 original art prints, with more coming very soon! For occasional emails about shop updates and a BUY TWO GET ONE FREE coupon, join the mailing list!


Since 2007, my goal here on Little Green Notebook (and also through my work at Domino and with my interior design clients) has always been to inspire you to be thoughtful, intentional, adventurous and creative with your home projects in a way that makes you feel proud of your home and doesn’t break the bank! I hope Jenny’s Print Shop feels like an extension of that work. I’m so happy with these images that I’ve been collecting for many, many years and I can’t wait for you all to have access to them so you have use them in your home however, and wherever you want!


Jenny’s Print Shop is a digital print shop where all original, high resolution prints are just $15 each. Immediately after making your purchase you will be emailed a link that allows you to download your images to your computer and then print them however you want! No need to pay for expensive framing with limited sizes and finish options. You have complete flexibility to use the images the way you want to use them!

jenny hanging


I hope it goes without saying, but you are welcome to crop the image however you want to suit your needs. In every listing on the Jenny’s Print Shop site, I have included a Dimensions Ratio so that you know what standard frame sizes can be used without cropping the image. Again, you can crop to suit your needs, but the listed ratios are meant to help make things easier on you!

motel styled


There are obviously a million ways to print your images, but here are my recommendations, mostly driven by price and quality. Please, please, please join in on the conversation here in the comments on this post and share what has worked for you! I will continue to update this post over time as well!

Flora Vertical


SMALL PRINTS (8.5 x11″ and under):

I’ve had some luck using my own home printer (this is the one we have and love) with high quality photo paper. I usually just do it when I need something very fast and I’m too lazy to get my rear all the way down to Costco. :)




MEDIUM PRINTS (11×14 up to 20×30″):

Costco is such a great and affordable printing resource. Their website is easy to use, I have found the print quality to be amazing, and you just cannot beat the pricing. The smaller sizes are laughably inexpensive (just a few dollars each). A 16×20″ is only $6.99 and a 20×30″ is just $9.99! You can choose to pick up in store or have them ship to you for a small price.




Walmart, Walgreens, and Target photo centers also print up to 20×30″ though I have found that quality varies more greatly with these photo centers and the cost is usually double that of Costco’s prints.

Gallery wall copy


LARGE PRINTS (Over 20×30″):

I love MPix (or Miller’s Lab if you can register for a business account), but so far, my very favorite website for printing REALLY large prints has been Aspen Creek for color accuracy and price.

Though Aspen Creek generally only takes a couple of days, sometimes I’ll use Kinkos if I need an oversized print that same day. You’ll pay a bit of a premium for the instant gratification (between $7.99 and $12.99 per square foot), but I think the quality of the prints has been great! One other bonus with Kinkos is you can call your local store and ask for their store email address and just email the file directly to them with your print size. It’s incredibly easy.


Lily Boardwalk copy


Kinkos is also a great place for getting black and white Engineer Prints, which can be up to 36×48″ and only cost a few dollars to print because they are printed on cheap paper (think printer paper – not Fuji Film!). It’s usually not a great option if you are printing an image with a large dark section. You’ll see lines in those areas and it will look sort of funky. I actually really love using engineer prints though, especially when you’re going for sort of the vintage, grainy look. The ANN STREET print here below is a $3.50 engineer print.





One of the reasons I felt strongly about not offering physical prints or framing at this time is I really like giving you guys flexibility with the prints now and in the future. You will have your digital print files forever! And you can print them multiple times for your own personal use. Maybe you found a great frame at a thrift store for just a few dollars. You can save hundreds of dollars on custom framing by printing your JPS image to fit the great frames you already have!




Then say, maybe down the road you move to a new house and you want to use the same image, but in a different size frame. NO PROBLEM! I suggest keeping your original download files on hand, but as of right now, you will be able to download the prints through the emailed links over and over again. I’m really hoping people don’t abuse the situation and share the files (and for this reason, we will be keeping track of the number of times a link is used to download an image), but I also want you to have continued flexibility of use over time more than anything!

I think there is a time and a place for all of the following framing options! Please share in the comments if you have any other suggestions!

Butterflies styled



Obviously, custom frames are amazing, but you pay through the nose. Even the tiniest framing jobs will be close to $100. The larger sizes will run several hundred dollars, even for simple frames. I have a local framer in Mesa called Matage Framing that I love and use often and I choose them over Michaels and Hobby Lobby because they can beat the big box stores custom framing services in price, speed and workmanship. I think that would be the case in most cities as well.

2JUNE copy




Services like Framebridge and Simply Framed are awesome. You just upload your Jenny’s Print Shop file and they will deal with the printing and framing for you. There aren’t a whole ton of frame options, but all the classics are there and their services are relatively inexpensive and pretty fast. I’ve used both of these companies before for client projects and have been happy with both.

2FERRIS copy


Ferris styled1


There are a couple of standard size frames from stores everywhere in the US that I keep coming back to over and over again because they are cheap and so easy.

Hobby Lobby has a line of white frames that I really like and the largest size (27×40″) ends up being less than $40 with a coupon. Take note there isn’t a hanging mechanism on the backs of these frames though for some infuriating reason, so you’ll need to add a couple of D rings and a wire before hanging. :/




Michaels has some great large options as well, but my favorite is a 20×30″ white frame that is like $20/25 with a coupon and works so perfect with the 20×30″ Costco prints for only $9.99! You literally could buy a print right now (how about this customer favorite!), upload it to Costco’s site and during the hour it takes to get printed, swing into Michaels for a frame and have a beautiful new piece of huge art hanging on your wall practically no time later. BOOM.




Urban Outfitters sells these great wooden hangers that are SUPER easy to use and can work with any size print!

IKEA frames just might end up being more of a pain for you in the end because of the cropping you will likely have to do to fit the European sizes, but they are cheap, it’s true! I am sad they don’t have the wood Ribbas any more, but the white and black ones are great. I also really like their 24″ square frame!

Target probably has my favorite frame. The proportions of their frames are just right for me! (it’s everything I love about the Ribba, just not as thick/deep!) My only complaint is the largest size is 16×20″ but the $18 price tag makes up for the lack of sizes.





Some of my very favorite oversized frames in my own home were thrift store finds.  Just look for the frames holding really, really ugly art for the very best deals! :) I got this brushed brass 30×45″ frame from Goodwill for only $5.99! It looks amazing with the black background of my FLORA print!

2FLORA copy


Flora Bedroom 2

Like I said, I’ll keep updating this post with links and ideas. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy JENNY’S PRINT SHOP!! It has been a labor of love for many months now, but I know there are some kinks to still work out. Please let me know if you have any issues with the site and I will do my best to fix them!

Lastly, THANK YOU for your amazing, amazing support over the years. I can’t tell you how much love I feel for all of you. Even though I’ve been busy with the print shop lately, my focus will continue to be on my blog. So please stay tuned for more design posts coming your way!! I’m so glad you’ve been a part of the LGN community as it continues to grow and evolve. Here’s to ten more years of Adventures in Design!!!


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161 thoughts on “Jenny’s Print Shop

  1. Congratulations! Thanks for offering up great style advice, resources and now access to amazingly affordable art!

  2. This is awesome! Just bought a new beach house with a LOT of bare walls- this is a lifesaver, and so much fun. Thank you for the framing and printing tips, too. Congratulations – I’ll spread the word!

  3. Jenny – I love this! Is there a certain type of paper you prefer to use when printing really large prints (from Aspen Creek or other places)? I am wondering about the glare.

    Thank you!

  4. Pretty much impossible to choose, but I got my first three! Can’t wait to see how this develops…Congratulations! I can tell how much work went into the site…the copy itself must have taken forever, not to mention all of the collateral. You should feel so proud. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy like a million mocktails.

    1. Thank you Zoe! For your order and your support!! It was a lot of work (SO much more than I expected!) but I’m also so excited to see where this goes! It’s been interesting to see what prints people are looking at the most! :)


  5. Jenny – I’m insane and want to buy six. Will the code work twice? I know it won’t work if I have 6 items in my cart (meaning, it doesn’t apply to 2:6, only 1:3)

    1. Haha! :) I’m SO glad to hear that! The code is for $15 off orders of three prints, so I think you would have to process two separate orders to get the deal twice! Email me if you’re having any issues! hello at jennys print shop dot com


  6. I am so excited about this!! Jenny, I was wondering if you could comment on getting these printed on fine art paper (specifically the prints of paintings, not photographs) rather than photo paper. Do you ever have this done and if so, where?

  7. I always get my frames from they are so affordable and the frame quality is incredible plus it’s nice to support a business run entirely in the USA. ( I Love the American Hardwood Collection)!
    Love your prints!!!

  8. I know you are getting a lot of questions and this one is pretty personal and specific. Ask Michael J. Komenda what size and what image of the Mesa motel Nate would want!!!! And I love the pink desert….once I know what motel image Mike thinks would be good for nate I will order my 3!!!! So excited to have some more of az in our home.

    1. LOL! Scout Finch forever! :) Michael says do Starlite and 20×30 or 16×20 at Costco are both great sizes and easy to find frames for! xoxoxo

  9. Regarding framing, if you want to go the custom route and you have a larger piece, do not use Michael’s! We bought a large, fine art print from an artist, and paid a fortune to have it framed at Michael’s (we got suckered by the coupon). We had to take it back three times to get a frame that would stay intact, and over time the print has rippled inside the frame. I know others who have also had issues with framing large pieces there.

    1. Thanks for chiming in, Jen! I agree that Michaels is not a great option for custom framing! I always use my local shop if I’m going the custom route. If you want a big but simple frame, Framebridge or Simply Framed does great work for reasonable prices.


    2. I worked in picture framing for many years, and the only way to stop rippling is to have the print dry mounted. I often hung dry mounted prints on my walls, by using a special sticky tab on the back, but you can easily frame them with no glass. They’re lightweight, and easy to frame. Just make sure it is trimmed to the specific size of your frame.

  10. I feel like I hit the jackpot with your post today! I’ve followed your blog — and especially your posts about prints and framing — for years. Thank you so much for your generosity with your advice and tips, and all the best on this new venture!

  11. Love the print shop (and all your work!). I am obsessed with the Flora print! It is exactly what we need for our master bedroom which is a little too solid, dark, and masculine right now (grey bed, navy walls, white bedding). Is it possible to get this with a white background? I want it so badly but with the navy walls, I don’t think it would work. Figured it was worth a shot to ask! Congrats!! Alison

    1. Ignore my comment, it was a silly question. The print is beautiful as is with the dark background. We will try to find it a home in our home, and others. So many great ones to choose from.

  12. These are beautiful! I specially like the mezcal agave, the ferrie wheel, and the June prints. Congrats!

  13. This is so perfectly timely as I’m visiting a dear friend in Flagstaff and would like to take a house warming gift. One of your prints is just perfect! Incidentally, do you have any place on your site where you give your favorite spots in Phoenix? I’ll be spending the day there for the first time (first time in southwest ever actually) and would love any advice from a kindred spirit local :) Thanks and Congratulations on your new venture!

    1. Hi Kelly!

      I don’t have a guide up, though I really should put one together! Thanks for the idea! :) I’ll add it to my list.

      I think there is a good one on Design Sponge that would be worth checking out! And since I’m sure it isn’t on her guide – if you’re a shopper be sure to go to Last Chance where all of Nordstrom’s returns in the US go! I LOVE shopping there. :)


      1. Thank you! I’ll be sure to check out Last Chance. The Design Sponge guide is very good!

  14. Hi Jenny, so excited about your print shop! Do you know if a Costco membership is required to get photos printed online at Costco? Thanks!

    1. Hi Amelia!

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the buy two get one free code! Please email me hello at jennys print shop dot com if you’re still having issues!


  15. Ohh I am so getting one of these as soon as I can!! What a wonderful source! I will definitely be getting a portrait or two asap.

  16. This is amazing! By any chance, will you be adding a lake photo, like the one from Lucy’s apartment? Thank you

  17. offers a few types of papers and giclee printing.

    You have written a very thorough and helpful how to hear. I can tell how invested you are in this business. However, I feel that calling what you are selling “original high resolution prints” is misleading. You are selling the right for the buyer to reproduce, in a limited way, high-resolution images. ‘Original’ suggest that you are selling the real thing, such as an original painting.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Geraldine! I tried to be really clear about the product being digital in all the materials! I’m sorry that some of the text was misleading! I’ll look over everything again and try to clarify. :)

  18. I’m so excited about this and can’t wait to see more prints! Amateur here with a question: in the examples you show, are the prints mounted at all, or are the images flat up against the glass/acrylic of the frames? Maybe it’s OK for 6.99 Costco prints, but I thought this was a no-no. Thoughts?

    1. I worked in picture framing for years – the problem with plexi is it’s going to bow out on larger frames and the print may buckle or get wrinkles. I opt for dry-mounting and no glass- no plexi, just a frame.

      Generally, unless your room is very very humid, touching the glass won’t hurt these prints. It’s bad for original art.

  19. So excited for you! I have always coveted your “Starlite Motel” photograph and now I can have one of my very own!

  20. Jenny, long time follower! Beautiful shop, amazing images. I am wondering who the artists are? Are these all open source? As an artist myself, I know some may be thrift store finds, friends or your work, I just love seeing artist great credit! Thanks and keep your blog posts coming!

      1. Hi guys!

        Great question! Thanks for asking! :)

        Most of these are my own pieces, other than the two by Lynne Millar of course! I’m working on collaborating with a few other artists right now as well and I can wait to get those listed! The handful of antique or vintage paintings I have listed here were all unsigned, though I wish I knew the artists so I could credit them here. I have a couple of signed paintings in my collection that I’m hoping to list soon, but I’m trying to get a hold of the estate for permissions before doing so!

        Thanks again for asking! xo

  21. Hi Jenny! I can’t wait to take advantage of Jenny’s Print Shop! I love choosing fabrics, paint, furniture but I will admit to feeling a little out of my element when it comes to art. Flora! It’s going to take some restraint not to hang it in every room! BTW- I had some luck recently making my own custom mats for ribba frames in my boys room with this tool:
    The results were not too shabby for my first try and I think with a little practice I won’t bother with custom matting anymore!

    1. Hi Pam! Thanks for your kind words about the shop! I’m so glad you’re liking it and I love here your positive review of a custom mat cutter. I’ve had two or three in the past couple of years and have never really liked any of them. I’ll be sure to check yours out!

      Hope you’re well! xo

      1. If you do a lot of matting (as an artist, I do) you should use a mat cutter that comes with a base and straightedge. I use the Fletcher-Terry cutter ($1600 but you can buy them used for less) and it is the best! Remember to change your blades often, no matter what kind of mat cutter you use.

  22. Love the images. And really love and adore the blog! this is off-topic, but: I was kind of sad when the format of the site changed, only because I liked to re-read the whole blog from start to finish (and did so several times!)…it was so fun to watch how your style and your homes evolved. I hope that maybe someday down the road you might do a book. I would buy it in a hot minute. Thanks for all the work you do to show readers–exactly as you said–how to create unique and beautiful homes without going into hock to do it! I’ve been reading since 2013 and as long as you keep posting, I will keep reading!

  23. I get an error when trying to sign up for the coupon, it says I’ve attempted to sign up too many times even though it was my first time. I even tried a different email address.

  24. I love all the framing and printing advice, and the shop looks fantastic. I’m already seeing a couple of these selections all over webland. I wanted to add that I use an app called Parabo for printing. I’ve only used it directly from my phone for personal photos, but I’ve been really happy with the results. I have an engineer print they printed hanging in my bedroom in a “frame” similar to the one you linked from UA. The frame is sold by them for their engineer prints and fits them well. It goes together with super magnets embedded in the wood. I’m pretty sure they can print via PC also and they often have specials. I’m kept up-to-date via IG and their mailing list. (I’m not affiliated BTW, just a really happy customer.)

  25. Love this idea. And congratulations. I’m about to make my first purchase. I’d be curious to know which prints are the most popular. Best of luck.

  26. Pingback: Weekend Reads
    1. Although this is directed to Jenny, I’m experienced with having images printed on canvas. For those who haven’t done this before, keep in mind that if a canvas is half an inch deep, you will lose more than half an inch on all sides of the art, when it is wrapped around the sides and stapled at the back. If you have a 1 inch deep canvas, you need to allow for over an inch being wrapped around, etc.

  27. HI! I’ve been looking all over on the Kinko’s site to find info on how to print the engineer prints. I can’t find it in their offerings – could you direct me to what its called on their site? Thanks!

  28. Where did you get the hanging gold frames that the “Poppies” and “Tulips” pictures are hanging in? I love them!

  29. Hi Jenny! Love this idea- I have loved your “Produce” painting ever since you originally posted pictures of your painting. I just purchased– quick question if you don’t mind answering- I was planning to print a 32/40 – do you think the resolution would look weird with it printed this large?

    Thanks so much!!

  30. Hi Jenny, can you please provide information on how your prints can be turned into wrapping paper?


  31. So beautiful! I’m planning my livingroom renovation this year, and the idea of using prints fordecorating the walls seems great. Thannks for the inspiration!

  32. Hey, Jenny! Congrats on the print shop! I was really excited to look through it (gorgeous!) and have read your blog since partway through the NYC years. Love your style; you are an inspiration! Quick question–do you have a referral for your print shop website designer? We love the design and are looking to upgrade our small business’ website soon with a similar parallax scrolling style. Thanks so much, as always! The site and prints are beautiful!

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