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Gather for Goats


What do you have going on this weekend? Want to join me and friends all over the world who are throwing dinner parties large and small to help Syrian refugee families?


My sweet friend Linsey Laidlaw is on the board of Lifting Hands International (my charity of choice for this cause) and she has organized a worldwide event called GATHER FOR GOATS. The goal is to raise enough money THIS WEEKEND (May 5-6) to buy 800 goats for refugee families in desperate need in the deserts of Jordan.

I’ll be co-hosting a huge dinner party at my house on Thursday night with Tubby Todd and Plain Jane. We’ll have yummy food and drinks, a photo booth, a crazy-good swag bag AND Beth Allen (who has a new print in Jenny’s Print Shop!) will be teaching all of us how to paint an 8×10 abstract painting! I am SO EXCITED. (PS we can fit a few more people in on Thursday! If you’re local and want to join in, email me!)

Your gathering can be as elaborate or simple as you want! A family BBQ would be awesome and is a great way to help get your kids involved! The idea is to invite your guests to donate what they would have spent on the night out HERE.

I hope even if you can’t participate with a gathering this weekend, that you’ll donate at and help us reach our worthy goal of at least 800 goats for these suffering families. I have been so ridiculously blessed in my life, it seems incredibly unfair that others are hurting and literally fighting for their lives and the lives of their children, right this minute. It overwhelms me. I just can’t wrap my mind around it. I’m so grateful for friends like Linsey and organizations like Lifting Hands International that allow us to share, help and give however we can. I hope you’ll join me and GATHER FOR GOATS if you’re able!!

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  1. AMAZING!!!!! I love this charity! I will be out of town this weekend but I just noticed that you can also make a donation on the website. Thanks Jenny!

  2. This is incredible. If there is anyway I can help fundraise through viaONEHOPE, an award winning Napa Valley wine that gives back to charity please lmk. You can fuel more donations to your charity of choice just by sipping wine.

    Looking for your email now.

  3. Hi Jenny!

    Check out

    We love your blog and it would be amazing to get your thoughts on some of our home decor products. :)

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