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PSA – Shibori Pillows!


Big news, guys! These indigo shibori pillows are on super sale right now!! We used them on a beach house project last year and they are so gorgeous in person! Such a good price for a pillow that size. Hurry up and snag a few before they are all gone!Pillows






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10 thoughts on “PSA – Shibori Pillows!

  1. Jenny,

    Can you source the curtains and hardware? I’m loving these and don’t see them tagged. Thank you!


  2. it looks so good!! I love all of it!! Do you know where the light over the window is from? I need a hardwired one, not one with a plug in. Your’s is perfect!!

  3. Congratulations to your and your staff! Also, I enjoyed seeing your fave pics—I would have never thought of those sources or methods. Wonderful.

  4. Hi Jenny!
    I love these curtains and rods but when I looked they were not long enough for my 16ft windows. Did you somehow connect the, together? Your window looks very wide as well. Thanks

  5. Hi: thanks for this heads up. I managed to snag some. Now to find the perfect inserts…..any recs for pillows that aren’t too full, or too flat, but just right?

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