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Love Notes


Happy Friday!!! Another week in the books!

We have four beautiful new prints in Jenny’s Print Shop today! So many of you have loved using the BUY TWO GET ONE FREE code that we’ve felt bad about retiring it, but we have decided that THIS Sunday will for sure be the last day! So grab your free prints while you can!

ALSO! This will be the last few days that all the prints are just $15. In order to bring more great artist collaborations to the shop, the new price for just the artist’s prints will be $20. All of my original images will of course stay at $15! We plan to continue to this schedule of adding and retiring prints every other week so that things stay fresh! So if you’re an artist and you would like to collaborate, email us! And if you have any requests for subjects or styles, please leave us a comment here or on the JPS Insta feed! We’re getting a lot of requests for more East Coast style images. I think one of our new prints, CAPE, fits that bill perfectly, but we will also have some pine tree images coming up in the next release so stay tuned! :)




chairs  //  table  //  rug  //  HOLLYWOOD print




table  //  rug  //  HYACINTH print



OTOMI-2 copy

lumbar pillow  //  OTOMI print  //  BOUGIE print  //  ROSES print 

Kate Maine


Cape-1 copy

leather tote  //  CAPE print


Did you happen to see that West Elm is having a super huge sale??! The sale is TODAY ONLY and there are some seriously amazing deals right now. We are trying to finish up furnishing the studio and I had just placed a huge order last night to wake up to see all the things I had just bought were on crazy extra sale!! I was ticked! HA!  Don’t worry though, I was the annoying customer that called and asked for a price adjustment. They gave me more than $500 back (our order was really big!) and it was worth losing a little bit of my personal honor. I think?

Here are some of the things we ordered –


buffet  //  vase  //  linen chair  //  nightstand


leather chair  //  dresser  //  sofa  //  table 

3 copy

desk chair  //  hairpin table  //  leather chair  //  marble coffee table


One of the girls that works for me, Kayla, recently shared with me one of her new favorite IG follows and now we are both obsessed! Do you follow Oh Farmhouse? They are documenting their modern farmhouse home project and I can’t even HANDLE the beauty of their kitchen that is beginning to wrap up! SOOO GOOD.

IMG_2358 (1)
IMG_2360 (1)

IMG_2359 (1)


These sandals are one of my absolute favorite pairs and they are SO comfortable!! I especially love the little details on the side. They are on sale right now and I’m thinking about picking up another pair in a different color because I love them so much!

Also, how cute is this buffalo check rug? We got it for the studio and now the whole team is trying to come up with a place they could put it in their houses! It’s super affordable.

IMG_6709 copy copy


sandals  //  rug


While we were at the Las Vegas Market we totally fell in love with the Aesthetic Movement store. It is such a beautifully curated store and we keep looking back to these images as inspiration for the studio. We love their whole aesthetic!!


This whole space has us dreaming up ways we could incorporate some black walls into our space! I especially love the color blocked chair rail. And check out how they switched which color was on top and bottom in each other spaces. So cool.






Speaking of the studio! The kitchenette area is ALMOST done and ready to share. G3 Glass and Granite is fabricating our beautiful honed Calacatta marble remnant for our counter top and after that. the backsplash will be going up and we will be DONE (well, with that area at least). I can’t wait to see everything come together! I can’t get this brass schluter as grout idea out of my mind and I think we’re going to try for something very similar in here. It’s a small kitchenette and I think it can handle some drama! :)


Brass Schluter Tile Backsplash


That’s it for us this week! Have a great weekend and don’t forget to snag your third print for free before the code expires Sunday! :) xo

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18 thoughts on “Love Notes

  1. Hi. I love the new hyacinth print! What size is that print in the image above? And where is the black frame from? Thanks!

    1. Hey Michaela! That frame is from Hobby Lobby. It is 27×40. We printed it at Kinkos as a $6 Engineer Print. It can be printed even bigger though! So glad to hear you love it as much as we do! :)

      1. How did you manage to get the print in the 27 by 40 frame? I love it and bought it wanting to print it large like this, but it is 5:7. Did you print it 30 by 40 and crop off 3 inches? I don’t want to lose any of the image.

  2. Don’t ever worry about asking for a price adjustment. If you had just placed a big order, the merchandise wasn’t even in your hands yet. It’s okay to ask for the new price. And so incredibly worth it. They are usually pretty good about that with in the 7 or even 14 day range. Clothes stores as well. I use it all the time.

  3. OH pleeeeezee do the the schluter. I ordered jibe and it’s still in the garage. You will inspire me to get my back splash done.

  4. Please do the schutler! If you can’t pull off no one can! You are my design Wonder Woman! Be your best to inspire us all to do more!


  5. Hi Jenny,

    I am a photographer who would love to contribute to your print shop…is that possible?
    Thanks for your time!

  6. I love the new hyacinth print! What size is that print in the image above? And where is the black frame from? Thanks for sharing.

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