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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Home



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  1. Buffalo Check Dog Bed – Linus needs a new dog bed this year and I think I’ve found a winner! :)
  2. Spiced Cider Candle – Candles make the best hostess gifts. This one is perfect for the holidays. It smells warm and cozy!
  3. Candle Tool Set – If you want to give a candle but want to take it to full-gift status, add a few little things like a cute box of matches this candle tool set to make it feel a little nicer.
  4. Decorative Matches – See above :)
  5. Gold Planter – We have this planter in the studio and get asked about it all the time. It looks SO expensive, but isn’t! Bonus gift points for adding a beautiful plant like a fern or succulent. A small Norfolk Pine would be my pick!
  6. Ceramic Hand Vase – I LOVE cheeky accessories and this one fits the bill without being too juvenile or silly! I’d love this filled with eucalyptus branches sitting on an entry console (or anywhere, really!).
  7. “Dinner in an Instant” Book – After hearing enough of my friends rave about the Insta Pot, I finally caved and bought one, though I’ll admit I haven’t done much with it yet. I just got this book and it’s beautiful and is making me SO excited to get adventurous with my Insta Pot!
  8. Instant Pot – I like my crock pot in theory, but the problem is that means I have to be thinking about dinner at like 8 am. For someone who doesn’t like to think about, see or smell food until about 10 am (I inherited this unfortunate trait from my mother), the insta pot (which can do the same work as a crock pot in a literal fraction of the time) seems too good to be true. I’ve used mine a handful of times for rice, a roast and shredded chicken for tacos and so far it is holding up to the hype! Do you have any favorite recipes, cookbooks or websites for the Insta pot?
  9. Salad Servers – We all have kitchen items we overbuy. Mine are most definitely salad servers. I love them and I don’t care who knows it. They’re just SO pretty and these horn servers are DEFINITELY coming to my house (and probably a lot of friend’s homes) this season.


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  1. Echo Dot – I don’t actually have the Echo Dot, but I want one. The (more than 60,000!) reviews are hard to ignore and now’s the time to snag one when they’re basically half off!
  2. Compact Ice Maker – Pebble ice is life. We wanted to install an undercounter ice maker when we renovate but they are notorious for leaking/flooding so it felt hard to pull the trigger. Enter this little beauty. It’s pretty cheap, small and works like a dream. ALSO there is no need to have it hooked up to a water line!! You just pour a bit of water in the machine and it spits out 1.5 pounds of pebble ice very quickly! I make a batch every couple of days  and throw it in one of these ice holders in my freezer! Easier and faster than making a run to Sonic. :)
  3. Buffalo Check Rug – I’m OBSESSED with this check rug. It looks cute in any (and I mean ANY) room. Laundry, bath, entry, bedroom, living room, you name it. It especially looks cute layered under a coir mat at your front door!
  4. Marble Salt Box – Little marble salt cellars and butter keeps are my other kitchen collectors items! :) This salt box it too good and would make a great gift with some truffle salt or pink Himalyan salt!
  5. Copper Salt & Pepper Grinders – Another cute hostess gift idea! Throw in a sweet linen kitchen towel if you’re feeling extra generous!
  6. Cheese Board & Knife – Okay, this is the BEST little bread/cheese board I’ve seen at the under $30 price point!! It comes with a knife and it’s the PERFECT size for leaving out on the counter. I bought three of these to have on hand for holiday and year-round last minute gifting. The wood is the perfect color and finish and looks more expensive than it is!
  7. “The Art of the Cheese Plate” Book – The perfect addition to the perfect bread board (above!)


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  1. White Nesting Bowls – I have these and LOVE them. They are helpful to have and use and they look great on open shelving!
  2. Gold Chain Frame – You guys know I am obsessed with brass chain frames! I used them here and here and want to pretty much use them in every room redesign going forward!
  3. Oil & Vinegar Bottles – I have these on my little spice shelf in my kitchen area and I use them everyday. They are are handy and gorgeous! I’d love to give these along with this amazing salad cook book!
  4. Wall Clock – I love, love, love clocks that hang from the side like this one! Perfect for mudrooms and kitchens especially!
  5. La Compagnie De Provence Soap – My favorite hand soap! I mean, who doesn’t want to feel more French just generally in their life?! It’s the perfect price point to make a special gift.
  6. Lounge Chair – Months later, still obsessed with these armless chairs. The price and the caning on the back!!! SO GOOD.
  7. Indigo Tassel Pillow – I just got this pillow in the mail and the tassels are SO CUTE!!! It makes a great layering piece!
  8. White Dutch Oven – My insta pot might be quickly taking over the place in my heart currently held by my Dutch oven, but also maybe not. :) I guess I’m just a traditionalist when it comes down to it and I literally can’t think of anything better than making a big pot of vegetable stew with my girlies on a chilly night. (Bonus points for the more affordable price point and the beautiful chalky white finish on this pot!)


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  1. Woven basket with Tassel – I LOVE a good basket, like, SO MUCH. I especially love them for planters! And how cute is this one with the green tassel?
  2. Faux Sea Grape Plant – If you’re wanting to make the basket a very special gift, I’d get one of these faux Sea Grape trees too! I love that this is tree sort of a fun twist on the fig tree trend, but is different enough to feel fresh!
  3. Tabletop Easel – I love using easels to style a console table or shelf! It is a beautiful way to display your smaller art pieces and prints in a unique way.
  4. Handmade Planters – I love these handmade little planters from one of my favorite etsy shops, Her Name is Mud! They make beautiful gifts (and so do her personalized ornaments!!)
  5. Insulated Water Bottles – These are so pretty and make great gifts for teachers, kids, coworkers and friends! I keep them all over to help me try and kick my Diet Coke habit. :)
  6. Gold Tape Dispenser – Another obsession of mine is quirky, beautiful office supplies! This brass tape dispenser is VERY HIGH on my want list!
  7. Geode Coasters – These little geode coasters look amazing on a coffee table tray and would make the perfect hostess gift! I know I’d love to get them!



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  1. The Google Home Mini is much better than the Amazon Dot in terms of function (unless your reason for buying it is to tell it to buy more things from Amazon). I have them both and Alexa is very frustrating compared to the Google assistant. Plus it’s pretty cute! Just my two cents:)

  2. Love this gift guide! Beautiful stuff and great price points! Can you do a kids one as well?

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