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2017 Holiday Gift Guides: For Him, Her & Kids



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  1. Gold Cactus Trinket Dish – You don’t have to be from the desert like I am to love a little bit of cactus in your life! This trinket dish is so cute in a bathroom, on a console table or on top of a stack of books.
  2. Leather Tote – I have and use this leather tote every single day. I love its simplicity and after three years of daily use, I can vouch for the quality! It’s great gift for yourself and others!
  3. Hair Pins – I get asked about my bobby pins every time I’m wearing them in my insta stories. I wear them three or four times a week probably and I LOVE them! They stay put really well and don’t rip your hair out either. I get constant compliments and questions about them, which means they’re great gifting material!
  4. Tassel Earrings – Inexpensive but nice looking statement jewelry is always a good gift idea, I think. These adorable tassel earring definitely fall in that category! I have been surprised at how often I wear them considering I don’t usually choose dangly earrings! I LOVE them.
  5. “To Be Continued…” Bookmark – I love low-tech gifts, don’t you? I’m ready to throw my phone away and read a book in a hammock for the rest of my life.
  6.  Gold Circle Necklace – Other than my barrettes, my gold circle necklace is probably my most commonly asked question in my direct messages folder. It is handmade and real gold so I wear it every day, all day and it still looks brand new! It layers so well with other jewelry but is pretty on its own, too!
  7. 2018 Planner – Perfect gift for teachers and coworkers!
  8. Narciso Rodriguez For Her Perfume – Have you smelled this perfume yet? It’s a winner. I have been wearing Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille for years, and it’s my favorite, but I had been looking for another scent to mix things up a little. My friend Jenna introduced me to this (surprisingly affordable) perfume and it’s a really good one! My husband loves it and I get compliments often when I wear it!


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  1. Sunglasses – Classic but not boring sunglasses are my jam! Love, love, love these from my very favorite sunglasses brand, Quay.
  2. Personalized Necklace – A really (REALLY) cute spin on the Carrie necklace. I’d love one of these for myself, but I also want to get one for my girls!
  3. Journal – I think journals make sweet gifts, probably because I’m still really into hand-written to do lists. :) This one is beautiful!
  4. Portable Phone Charger – Helpful and cute!! Another great co-worker/teacher gift!
  5. “Read this if You Want to Take Better Photos” Book – I recently got this little book and I love it! It’s pretty enough to have sitting out, but it’s also a good read.
  6. Red Matte Balm – Another frequently asked question in my DM’s is about this red lipstick I wear on the regular. It’s a matte lip crayon and it’s SUPER cheap. It can go on in a thin layer for just a hint of color or it can layer to look more like traditional red lipstick. If I had to only have one lipstick on me, this would be it because it’s so versatile!
  7. Black Suede Loafers – Cute with ripped up jeans especially!
  8. Gold Stud Earrings – These go-with-anything bar studs make a great gift for that friend that feels in a fashion rut. I gave a pair recently to a friend who was feeling a little bored with her clothes and general look. These earrings felt a little bit adventurous to her, but not too risky at the same time. She loves them and wears them often! (and I wear mine all the time too!)
  9. Plaid Top – The perfect holiday/winter top for all of us that are overeating this season! :)


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  1. “Men of Style” Book – DYING to get my hands on this book! I hope Michael likes it too! :)
  2. Sunglasses – Love a good green glass tortoise shell frame pair of sunglasses on my man! These are 35% off today!
  3. Gold Tie Clip – I bought this one for Michael last year and he loves and wears it often!
  4. Mini External Hard Drive – How sleek is this techie gadget? It is waterproof and pocket sized!
  5. Leather Watch – I know I put this on the Men’s guide, but I’m honestly considering this watch for myself! It’s a STUNNER.
  6. Fun Socks – Never enough socks around our house! Michael loves to get fun colors and patterns to mix up his work wardrobe every day, which makes for an easy gift for me! :)
  7. Backgammon Game – I grew up playing backgammon with my parents and siblings, so I’m nostalgic for the game anyway, but how gorgeous is this set? It’s BURLWOOD!!!!


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  1. “Lost in NYC” Book – Have you heard about this city travel guide series? Straight from the description: “Getting lost in the city is not about throwing away the map. It’s about surrendering yourself to the essence of the place. The sights, smells, flavours and sounds that make it unique. The photography, the art, the creativity that provide its individual inspiration. Getting lost is diving headfirst into what makes each city its own.” Sounds amazing right? Ready to hop on a plane right now and go explore!
  2. Key Ring – Modern and cool are two descriptors you’d never pick for a key ring, but this one is both of those things! LOVE.
  3. Notebook – Get a gorgeous handmade notebook and support Public School Art programs?! Double nice!
  4. Leather Phone Case with Card Slots – Michael is all about having the tiniest wallet possible. I think this would do the trick!
  5. Bose Bluetooth Speaker – We need a couple new speakers around the studio and I think this little guy is so cute!
  6. Beanie – I love the color and texture of this beanie.
  7. Leather Luggage Tag – Simple, cool and practical. This would be fun to combine with the travel book! (OR WITH A PAIR OF TICKETS TO PARIS!!!) ;)


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  1. Dollhouse – I know we’ve all seen it, but it’s too good to not mention here. Margot is getting a dollhouse under the tree this year and I can’t wait!
  2. Star Wars Planters – I mean, guys, they’re Star Wars planters! HA! I actually don’t even really love Star Wars, but I still think these are so fun!
  3. “Home” Book – I love this book and how it portrays different concepts of what home is. It’s a great conversation to have with kids, helps them learn about the world around them and usually ends up with everyone feeling grateful, which is never a bad thing!
  4. Cloud Nightlight – Super sweet and works great!
  5. Play Kitchen -I dare you to try and find a cuter modern play kitchen! It doesn’t exist! :)
  6. Razor Mini Scooter – One of our neighbor’s daughters got this mini Vespa-esque scooter for her birthday earlier this year and as far as I can tell, every single kid in the neighborhood will now be getting one for Christmas. It will be like a hilarious little scooter gang racing around our streets! Hahahhaha! They are pretty amazing and well-made for the price (they hold up to 170 lbs so there might be a mom or two joining the scooter gang every now and then!!).


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  1. Pink Ballet Dress – Always my girls favorite dresses to wear! They are gorgeous and wash SO well.
  2. Wooden Cocoa Set – The cutest spin on a play tea set! Play hot cocoa! :)
  3. Velvet Hair Bows – I love velvet bows for making regular kids clothes look fancier for holiday parties and church.
  4. Headphones – These are so handy for travel or even just in the car on long errands days!
  5. Instax Instant Camera – Still our family’s favorite toy. We have albums full of these snap shots and they are priceless to me!
  6. “A Poem for Every Night of the Year” Book – I’ve declared that 2018 is the year we slow down as a family. I want to work less, cook more, pick up gardening, throw out our TV and play games together or read together instead. This book has a poem for every day of the year (Angelou, Shakespeare, Whitman, etc) and a little paragraph before the poem to provide context. I know my girls will love discussing over dinner or after baths before bed! Bring on the slow times! :)
  7. Wooden Baking Set -Margot is suddenly VERY into all things imaginative play. We already have a play kitchen, but this little baking set would be right up her alley!
  8. Pom Pom Beanie – I love this little beanie and I love that it is black! Very city kid, very cool!


HAPPY SHOPPING! What have you found this year that you can’t live without?! I’d love to hear!

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10 thoughts on “2017 Holiday Gift Guides: For Him, Her & Kids

  1. We have the ‘Home’ book and it is a favorite. Do your girls giggle about THE boy on the shoe page like my girl does? (You’ll know which one I’m talking about if they do- ha!)

  2. I just love this blog so much. Thank you for sharing all your finds throughout the year! Feels generous. One thing I got for all my bro in laws and my husband was this belt. So cheap and perfect for casual days when a leather belt is not necessary. Feels sort of mountainy and cute too I think. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00K67IGRG/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1512789128&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=arcade+the+foundation+belt&dpPl=1&dpID=51irH2ocOSL&ref=plSrch

  3. I am also hunting for a dollhouse for my girls! I love the Target one but want one a little bigger. Which one did you get for Margot?? Just ordered the barettes for me and the name necklace for my niece. :)

  4. I just bought like 10 things off this gift guide…including the scooter! I didn’t even know I was missing out on such a cool gift, my daughter will freak out! Thank you for your amazing blog/posts/style/inspiration! Enjoy this magical season

  5. Wow, I’ve had retailmenot for a few years and can clearly see I haven’t been using it to its full potential! I’m excited to combine offers at a World Market where I can Fine fabulous gifts for everyone in my list plus decorations for my home.

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