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Using Vintage Runners to Warm Up Your Kitchen





A vintage runner in basically any kitchen will add HUGE amounts of instant charm and character! It’s my favorite accessory to choose for any kitchen space we’ve ever worked on!

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They for sure can get pricey, but I have a couple of go-to sources that always come through for me. Here are a few of our favorites available now for less than $300!


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7

 8  //  9  //  10  //  11  //  12

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If you’re not feeling it with the idea of a vintage rug in your home, never fear! There are TONS of beautiful, “made to look vintage” options out there! Here are our favorite budget-friendly options, like the gorgeous runner from Target above! I LOVE the soft hit of pink! (PS here’s the link to that full kitchen reveal! Still completely in love with this space!)


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7

8  //  9  //  10  //  11  //  12

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25 thoughts on “Using Vintage Runners to Warm Up Your Kitchen

  1. I just love the runner in Kara’s kitchen, and I wish it was still available at Target. I currently have a vintage-look runner from Target in my kitchen. I’m pretty happy with it, but it really slides around. I bought a thick pad for it when I purchased it (Target recommended it in the listing.). I’m wondering if that’s part of the problem now. The flooring below my rug is laminate….any tips on keeping it in place? Thanks! Great post.

  2. What are your thoughts on runners in the bathroom in place of bath mats? If you’re fan, do you have any cotton recommendations? I’ve read you need it to be cotton to avoid mold growth due to the wet conditions. Thanks Jenny!

    1. I love runners in a bathroom! Cotton or any natural fiber is a safe bet! You can always wash them or take them outside to sit in the sun for a few hours if needed!

  3. I have one in my kitchen! My rug pad is very thin and always slipping. Any other suggestions other than ikea—their shipping is insane!

  4. I love the vintage rugs you use! I’ve never been brave enough to try vintage (or maybe I’m too cheap- lol). I currently don’t have a rug in my kitchen right now, I think I might need to remedy that now!

  5. I love this but have never done it bc I just wonder… what happens when they get wet? Or food spills? I’m not likely to wash a rug.. :/
    Right now I have a gray outdoor runner from ikea and I don’t have to worry about it.

    But.. these are so pretty and knowing that I can get one for under $50 makes me really want to do it! But I’d hate to waste the money if it’s just going to be ruined by kitchen spills.

  6. Love a runner in the kitchen, I live in a rural area of Australia, I purchased an
    Afghani rug for our kitchen, love it. It was expensive and does have some marks, however
    because of the pattern marks are not very noticeable.

  7. (I posted this comment in an earlier entry, but didn’t see a reply….trying again!)

    I am very excited to hear about the next investment property you will be working on. Can you reveal what part of the valley it will be in? We are currently house hunting and I would love to know if your project will be in our search range.

  8. Beautiful rugs – all of them! I’d love a similar post with area rugs. I love these vintage rugs and the newer vintage look rugs.

  9. Oh wow this is such great inspo! I keep saying I need a slim rug for my kitchen and these are all so gorgeous! Vintage (or at least vintage inspired) may definitely be the way to go with this one!

  10. I am very excited to read in the next investment property. I love live in a rural area of with this design. So cute!

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