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Latest Tile Trends Spotted at Lowes


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Gray Patterned  //  Marble Beige and Black Hex Mosaic  //  Handmade White Subway  //  Marble Brick Subway  //  Gray Penny  //  Marble Chair Rail  //  Green Patterned  //  Putty Beige Subway  //  White and Gray Hex Mosaic  //  Marble Hex Mosaic  //  Dark Handmade Subway  //  Sage Green Square Mosaic  //  Marble and Brass Subway  //  White Star Mosaic

We have a lot of fun projects happening right now between my own home renovation, the Evergreen project, a couple of client remodels and a cabin my parents recently bought and are renovating (more on that soon!). I’ve been non-stop shopping for tile for months now with all of these projects, and at this point I’m dreaming about tile! (There could be worse things to dream about though, am I right?) Lowe’s invited me to share some of my favorite tile picks and how I like to approach the bathroom design process. I absolutely love all the gorgeous tiles they have right now (and a few of these made my JAW DROP in person!!).

Marble Beige and Black Hex Mosaic  //  Dark Handmade Subway

Before I share my design planning process for bathrooms, let’s jump right to the good stuff – a few of my favorite Lowe’s tile finds! I have to say though, there were too many to list them all here! There are SO many goodies on the site and the prices are incredibly affordable. If you’re looking for any tile, check out this selection here! (Just make sure you don’t miss out on seeing this AMAZING marble and brass inlay tile!! It’s insane!!!)


1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7

8  //  9  //  10  //  11  //  12  //  13  //  14  //  15

Okay, so when I’m designing a space, I like to pull out tile and stone samples, little accessories, scraps of fabric and other items that can represent a color story or a certain texture I’d like to incorporate into the space. I lay them on a white backdrop and snap a photo to keep in my phone. It sounds silly, but it only takes a few minutes, it’s a fun little creative exercise and it ends up acting as a roadmap for me that I can reference back as I make purchases for the space. These warm, earthy flat lays are for a client who lives in a California style rancher.

Marble Hex tile  //  Sage Green Squares  //  White Handmade Subway tile  //  Quartz counter material

Here’s another flat lay from the same house. Items like the little coral plastic ring represent just a color I’d like to incorporate in the bathroom, maybe in a vintage rug or hand towels. Also, CAN YOU EVEN HANDLE the brass and marble tile we’re planning to use on the walls? Usually when people have brass inlay pieces like this, the tile installer has to cut down brass schluter strips by hand – a SUPER expensive and labor-intensive process! That’s why I was completely shocked by the price of this tile!

Marble trim piece  //  Brass and Marble wall tile  //  Putty Beige Subway Tile

For the kids bathroom, I LOVE the idea of this gorgeous moody green blue fireclay like tile all over the walls and this super sweet gray penny tile on the shower floor. Wouldn’t the super affordable green patterned tile be the perfect fun accent to the space?

Gray Subway Tile  //  Gray Penny Tile  //  Green Patterned Tile  //  Marble look Quartz

Let me know if you guys end up trying my little flat lay trick! It really does help create a visual checklist for a space. It’s great that you can pop into Lowe’s and quickly buy a single sheet of any of their tile (and there’s even more tiles in their online selection!) so you can test the color and size in your space before committing. I hope you look around at their selection – they have so many pretty options right now!

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19 thoughts on “Latest Tile Trends Spotted at Lowes

  1. I just did the exact same thing when planning for two bathroom renovations in my house and I find the process to be so helpful. Your designs are beautiful and I am sure the displays will translate to gorgeous bathrooms. I will look forward to seeing the finished rooms!

  2. I used that big hex tile (#4) above in my bathroom reno and it’s pretty great! I tried all the fancy tile shops for a good hex mosaic and I loved the one at Lowe’s the most. That black and brow border – swoon!

    1. I love that one, Tracy! What grout color did you choose? Part of me wants to do black! But we might just go with a warm gray.

  3. I love so many of the items in your flat lays (especially the beads/bowls). Would you be able to share the sources?

  4. I was scrolling through this post and my husband walked by….”oohh I really like that!” So there, I really like your style too! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  5. Thanks so much Jenny, what a great idea. Doing a complete master bath renovation very soon, I just don’t know where to begin but this will surely help.

  6. Your designs… relaxed yet polished, modern yet classic. I love how you incorporate just the right amount of color. I want to start doing these flats lays right now for deigning my bedroom!! What would you suggest if you don’t own the right items to add to the flat?

    1. Thank you Dana! I really appreciate your sweet comment!

      The beauty of flat lays is you can use anything you have laying around or in a drawer that represents a color or texture. Maybe you have a pair of vintage teak salad servers that can represent a mcm credenza. Or a hand towel that has the perfect woven texture you’d like to find in a throw. It’s meant to be just an exercise to get the ideas flowing! Hope that helps! xo

  7. I definitely need to try this lay flat technique! I’ve been struggling with designing my bathroom. All I have for certain is a bold shower curtain and I get overwhelmed with tile choices for the floor and shower. I love the gray penny tile! It’s giving me ideas.

  8. I love this trick, thank you for the great suggestion! Maybe eventually we could get a tip for how to visualize what the tile pattern would look like on a floor or wall. I find I often fall for a tile when it’s just one sample but have trouble picturing what the pattern would look like on a large space.

    1. It’s tricky! It would buy a couple of pieces or a whole box of the tile and lay it out in the space to help you get a better sense! You can always return what you don’t love! xo

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely tile choices! I am working on a kitchen design which will have white shaker cabinets and considering the brass & marble wall tile or the marble hex tile as backsplash…would those two work as a backsplash? I am going back and forth with countertop options…was thinking marble type quartz or honed black granite to keep things simple & timeless, which may or may not work with those options. There is no island and want to be sure something gives pattern and movement so the white isn’t too bland!

    1. I love the idea of the marble and brass with a honed black granite or a white quartz. The great news is you can swing into a Lowe’s store and grab a sheet to use as a sample while you shop for countertops so you can make sure the whites look good together!

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