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Juniper Weekly Favorites 3.29.19


1. Market Basket – We have a few of these beautiful baskets around the studio and they come handy daily! They’re basically like a beautiful version of the blue IKEA bag! :)

2. Textured Accent Table – We can’t believe this gorgeous side table is only $99! The organic finish and texture looks SO high end! We ordered one of these for the Evergreen house and I might need one for my house too!

3. Leather Sandals – Our favorite affordable natural leather sandals are BACK IN STOCK!!

4. Rattan Earrings – I’m on a roll with inexpensive earring finds! We’re all loving these $11 rattan earrings! They come in lots of cool shapes too.

5. Turkish Cotton Blankets – We get asked about the striped blanket at the foot of the master bed at Gentry almost daily still! This blanket (much bigger than a throw!) is a great dupe and a FRACTION of the cost of the original!

6. Natural Wood Frame – We get asked about natural wood frames all the time and this one on Amazon is hands down our current favorite. See how it looks here without the glass with our gorgeous matte Juniper paper.

7. Amber Mugs – These mugs were another purchase for the Evergreen house. The rusty ochre color is our latest obsession!

8. Faux Asparagus Fern – On sale for $6.50! These are faux fern stems are soft and organic and perfect to pair with number 12 on our list!

9. Levi’s Ribcage Straight Jeans – Levi’s are becoming the studio uniform. We are all obsessed with the fit and price. They don’t have stretch, so it’s best to go up a size when ordering. I don’t wash mine until necessary and I air dry and the jeans only get better with time! I linked to my three favorite pairs here that have all but replaced my regular Madewell jeans rotation!

10. Levi’s Ribcage Straight Black Jeans

11. Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans

12. Black Terracotta Vase – YOU NEED THIS VASE. It is stunning (like, really, STUNNING) in person. It looks vintage, it’s huge and would be gorgeous on a kitchen island with greenery, an entry console table, a big coffee table. Really any and every room could use this sculptural beauty!

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3 thoughts on “Juniper Weekly Favorites 3.29.19

  1. Wow, that little table. And at PB?!?! I never would have thought to look there. So neat! Great finds, all around, thank you!

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